Kuro Kin Wagyu is a leading producer of elite Fullblood and F1 Wagyu cattle and beef and is a major Australian brand of AAAW Group. Kuro Kin Wagyu is comprised of the properties “Wootton” and “Millera” located in the Upper Hunter Valley in Scone, NSW.

First established as a family-owned and run cattle operation in 1906 and later as the prized, Wootton Poll Hereford stud, Kuro Kin Wagyu was created in 1996 to establish the production of premium Wagyu cattle and beef through individually selected and bred high quality genetics.

Situated on 3439 hectares, our stud cattle operation has been in production for over 110 years years at Wotton and Millera and has been home to both famous stud and breeding operations.

Since then, the organisation has developed the world’s best-performing marbling genetics in Fullblood Wagyu cattle outside of Japan, and today produces certified Fullblood Wagyu beef to AAAW Group’s domestic and international markets.

Over the past two decades, we have distinguished ourselves as one of the leading producers of premium Fullblooded Wagyu genetics and progeny in Australia.

We not pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety throughout the entire production supply chain but also provide stakeholders and consumers with one of the finest farmgate templates that captures the freshness and quality of our prime grazing pastures.

We have developed the world’s best-performing marbling genetics in Fullblood Wagyu cattle outside of Japan


We measure our success by harnessing the most efficient systems and advanced technologies in our breeding programs; a direction that enables us to monitor, streamline and control the entire production and distribution cycle and set us apart as a premium Australian Wagyu breeder.

We also guarantee Fullblood Wagyu authenticity through DNA parent verification and our herds maintain a natural growth rate without supplementary feed to maximise the scale of marbling, consistency, tenderness and flavour in every cut of our Wagyu meat.

We also ensure that the integrity of our feed is free of any chemical and antibiotic usage, and comply with the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) for the identification and traceability of our livestock.

Our committed approach is further underscored by our rigid code of practices in food safety, ecological management and animal welfare. As such, our stockmen are fully-trained in husbandry and are committed to the humane and stress-free handling of all of our livestock.

We believe that these core principles are vital to our present and future success, and to the communities in which we live and work.

Kuro Kin Wagyu is managed by Stephen Sinderberry, a second generation Australian farmer who has lived and worked most of his life on cattle stations in the Hunter Valley and Northern Territory. His vast knowledge in agribusiness and keen understanding of finest Wagyu genetics will help position us as one of the world’s leading Wagyu producers.

We will continue the legacy of producing premium cattle since 1906