Brindley Park is a key part of our beef supply chain  located in NSW’s Upper Hunter on the Merriwa River. It is also one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious livestock properties.

Encompassing 2002 hectares of rich pastoral land with nearly five kilometres of prime river frontage, Brindley Park is responsible for backgrounding AAAW Group’s elite Fullblood and F1 Wagyu and Angus cattle.

Over the next few years, we aim to increase the diversity of our pastoral management systems, technological innovations and irrigation practices which have underscored the structural direction and transformation of Hunter Beef’s entire cattle operation. This includes being responsible for the full-scale weaning operation and management of Kuro Kin Wagyu, Glenrock Station and Clear Hills’ exceptional progeny.

Through extensive yield mapping, we have also analysed a number of variables that will allow us to optimise our paddocks and push the boundaries of traditional production.

As a vital conduit to AAAW Group’s paddock-to-plate supply chain and production we receive the backgrounding weaner cattle when they weigh between 220kg and 250kg and manage their target growth and product quality for feedlot entry and sales. We achieve this by supplying the right balance of nutritional feed through cropping and growing them to the maximum weight between 350kg and 450kg.


Our stockyards and equipment are also designed and utilised to optimise the safest handling of livestock and promote the efficient flow of production.

As part of our commitment to our ISO accredited quality assurance program, we follow strict codes of animal welfare practices in all aspects of handling facilities, quality of nutrition, health and humane procedures that minimise stress to the cattle.

We also go beyond the edicts of environmental and workplace legislation and look to find new ways to make our best management practices more efficient for our stakeholders. This includes implementing sustainable pasture management and biodiversity programs that are adapted to climate variability and the ongoing retention of the natural environment.

Brindley Park prides itself on delivering the highest standard of beef to our suppliers and over 100 million consumers through our direct retail network in China.

Brindley Park is managed by Raymond Osborne, a fourth-generation Australian farmer who has spent over 20 years working in various beef cattle enterprises including the areas of feedlot management, crop production, yield mapping and irrigation. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of agribusiness, Ray is also spearheading AAAW Group’s backgrounding weaner cattle program.