– Glenrock Station –

Glenrock is one of the Hunter Valley’s most prestigious cattle stations and is the flagship of AAAW Group’s livestock operation.

Located near Scone, Glenrock is responsible for maintaining Hunter Beef’s entire breeding herd on 30,868 hectares of prime grazing land. Additionally, the farming operation plays a prominent role in AAAW Group’s vast paddock-to-plate supply chain with domestic wholesalers and Dashang’s extensive retail network including AAAW Hunter Beef produce shops; the only dedicated Australian beef outlets in Northeast China.

Purchased in 2015, Glenrock’s natural resources, grazing pastures and stocking numbers are undergoing a  transformation.

To realise our full-scale capabilities, our farming operation consistently executes measurable improvements in the working efficiencies of our premium beef production.

We constantly make significant investments in our full-scale pasture and grazing management systems, cattle yards, storage dams, and machinery, and collaborate with leading farm advisory services to optimise the sustainability of our natural vegetation, soil cover and water resources.

In the same way, our pastures are also managed to maintain our stocking capacity and the performance levels of our breeding herd — elements that contribute to the maternal qualities, reproductive rate, and other target traits that produce exceptional progeny.



By having full control of our value chain, we exceed all of the parameters in animal welfare, bio-security and good stewardship practices, which are vital to the quality and safety of our premium beef production and provenance with our wholesalers and consumers.

Our approach is further reinforced by our skilled supervision and knowledge, and ISO accredited quality assurance procedures which we instil in every facet of our intense farming systems — ethical disciplines that give our cattle their traceable green credentials and the superior texture, tenderness and flavour in every cut of meat.

Our team is managed by Ricky Mitchell who grew up on a farm in the Hunter Valley and later completed his education at Longreach Agricultural College in Queensland. Working in the beef industry throughout his professional career, Ricky managed Riverview Wallah & Co, worked at neighbouring Ellerston Pastoral Station and is now spearheading Glenrock’s cattle operation.

Between 1901-1912, Ricky’s great-grandfather, William Mitchell owned 1566 hectares at Gogg’s Top, which now is part of Glenrock. And our team’s roots remain entrenched at Glenrock.

Today, we have a small community of farmers that reside on the property. Comprising families and single stockmen, their relocations to the farm has bolstered support for the local town and community and Ellerston Primary School.