Our mission is to produce, supply premium Australian farm-to-plate produce, and create ongoing stakeholder opportunities through our unrivalled market outreach and sales distribution chain.

Pinnacle Fine Foods is an integrated Australian agribusiness firm involved in the production of premium food with landholdings in New South Wales, Tasmania, and Queensland.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Sydney, the Pinnacle Group is an independent division of Dashang Group and is incorporated within the global product group of Dashang’s sales distribution network that includes 400 stores in 150 cities across China. Dashang is one of the largest supermarket and department store retailers in China.

Our Australian portfolio comprises Hunter Beef, Kuro Kin Wagyu and Tasfruits (formerly Top Qual), one of the largest suppliers of premium fruit in Tasmania.

Our mission is to produce and secure the supply of premium farm-to-plate produce in Australia to key export markets.

We bridge strategy and performance to ensure that our subsidiaries maintain exceptional management and regulatory practices to operate safely, sustainably. It is an undertaking embedded in every facet of our business operations, execution, and supply chain.

In the same way, we explore a wide range of ways to initiate change, build capabilities and create diversification synergies. They are with other Australian suppliers, farmers, and growers who advocate our principles and commitment to guarantee provenance to over 100 million Chinese consumers.


Pinnacle Group’s vision is to become Australia’s foremost producer and supplier of quality Australian food.

We seek to maximise and achieve sustainable benefits for our stakeholders through value creation and collaborative engagement.

To consolidate our future goals, we aim to build a dynamic diversification synergy through our differentiated divisions, Hunter Beef, Kuro Kin Wagyu and Tasfruits. We will also pursue new opportunities with external stakeholders to further capitalise on our unmatched market exposure and large-scale sales distribution network in China.

Our strategic goals are to:

  • Establish new benchmarks in farm-to-plate production that support increased productivity and provenance to a global market.
  • Our ongoing commitment to invest in our divisions to advance the scale, science, quality, and value of our Australian produce.
  • Identify growth opportunities and diversify the supply of premium food offerings.
  • Create new stakeholder synergies with premier farmers and growers for the ongoing supply of traceable, farm-to-plate produce.

  • Create further value proposition and strategic market exposure with stakeholders by exploiting Dashang’s competencies and vertically-integrated wholesale and retail channels.
  • Initiate long-term investments across the entire supply chain that fosters market growth and ongoing job opportunities.
  • Advocate sustained excellence in quality assurance, animal welfare and environmental practices with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Promote ongoing excellence in certified workplace practices and equal work opportunities that serve as the cultural foundations of our daily actions.