It is our shared values and performance as a leading Australian agribusiness that defines us.

Corporate Team



Managing Director

Michael is the managing director of AAAW Group and is responsible for the Group’s overall Australian operations which includes the beef, fruit and wine operations. His current focuses are on the Group’s continued growth in Australia and
making additional investments in Australian agribusiness with the
continued establishing and integration of operations.

Previous to leading AAAW Group, Michael first became involved in the agribusiness industry through his role as the China Business Development Manager at Sanger Australia.

Prior to this, Michael practised as a solicitor in New South Wales working in criminal and family law. He is still admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of New South Wales maintaining an active practising certificate.


General Manager - Operations (B Com AG / Farm Management)

Agribusiness career spans over 30 years in both Australia and New Zealand. Allan is an experienced Executive, General and Operational Manager, including serving as an Executive for publicly listed company Ruralco (RHL).

Prior to commencing with AAAW Allan presided over Tasmanian Operations for RHL. The largest of the businesses in this group being the Roberts Limited (est 1865) with a turnover exceeding  $150 million, with 400 staff and more than 40 points of representation.

Allan’s career has spanned many different facets of agriculture included agronomy, meat processing, retail management, senior and General Management roles. Allan has lead considerable change management and strategic development of the businesses driving improved profitability and considerable growth.


Group Business Development Manager

It is a privilege and an honour to have been presented with the opportunity to manage the corporate and investment affairs of AAAW Group. I am also proud to represent the Dashang group in this capacity in Australia.

My position is to assist with the execution and management of AAAW’s core business level strategy of differentiated diversification in the premium food industry.

Some of my positional duties include and are not limited to:

  • Providing the organisation (AAAW & Dashang Co Ltd) with investment advice;
  • export and product procurement;
  • business feasibility reporting and financial modelling;
  • stakeholder management/business development;
  • project management;
  • risk management;
  • assisting the managing director with corporate operations and affairs;
  • corporate good-will and branding;
  • and sales, promotion & marketing for our new products.

Though I come from a corporate banking background, my foremost passion is for the Australian land.

As such, I have actively promoted Australia’s unique bush culture, heritage and the communities that symbolise the cultural foundations of Australia through my 'Back to the Bush' brand for the past three years and remain actively involved as a volunteer with the NSW Rural Fire Service in NSW's Blue Mountains. An avid ski aficionado, I am also a volunteer with Kosciuszko Huts Association. My stewardship for the land symbolically resonates with the direction of the organisation.

As AAAW Group transitions into a stage of robust growth, there are unparalleled opportunities for stakeholders; both within the internal and external domains of the business. This growth reaches further and resonates with other stakeholders; both within the internal and external domains of the business.

This is the first organisation I have ever worked for where every man and woman share a collective and genuine attitude for work. They believe in hard work ethics, striving for their best always to provide opportunities for themselves, the community and the organisation.

The future of this organisation is bright, employees are not seen here as a commodity or resource, but as human beings and as assets to the business.

I would recommend working at AAAW for anyone who shares the same values and beliefs as our collective selves – of community, hard work, dedication and agribusiness.


Beef Supply Chain Analyst - Cattle Operations

Based in Sydney, Australia, Nick works for AAAW Group as a beef supply chain analyst. Nick’s role is to work closely with the farm managers to look at areas to improve operational efficiency and profitability, both on farm and throughout the entire supply chain.

In addition to work, Nick studies a Masters of Commerce at the University of Sydney part-time, Majoring in Logistics and supply chain management and Strategy, Innovation and entrepreneurship. He previously completed a Bachelor of Economics, where he was a member of the agricultural society.

Prior to working at AAAW Nick was a graduate at Inchcape Australia and has previous experience in automotive and agricultural industries.
He is keenly interested in the future of the Australian agricultural landscape, particularly in a global supply chain context.


Genetic Breeding Specialist - Cattle Operations

Peter has 26 years experience working in agriculture. Through his collective experience, the group has developed the core competencies necessary to advance its sustainable management initiatives and practices across all functional divisions, thus, enhances our ability to produce the highest quality Wagyu and Angus beef available in Australia. 

Property Management - Cattle Operations



Manager - Clear Hills

Jason Harrington, 33 & Ciara Murphy 29 manage the 1100ha property Clear Hills located in the remote area of Jerangle, snowy mountains region. Together the couple have 3 children Georgia 6 who attends the local school which has only 11 students, 3-year-old Rhonda and 2-year-old Gus. Jason was born in Sydney where he spent his younger years.

His family made the move to the Kandos/Rylstone area where he spent most of his youth. Ciara’s family is originally from Ireland, they travelled between Ireland & Australia as her family worked in the equine industry. Both Jason & Ciara have always had a keen interest in the agriculture industry from an early age. Jason began his career as a station hand at Phalaris stud Rylstone while Ciara focused on working in the equine industry.

When the pair met in 2009 they moved to the iconic Kerrawah, Coolah where Jason was overseer for two years. They progressed from there to livestock managers at Brindley park Merriwa where they spent 4 years until been given the opportunity in 2015 to join the AAAW team.

For us it was an exciting time to test what we can do and we knew with the backup of AAAW we were going to get this property back to its former glory. We always wanted to be a part of agriculture company that was having a positive impact on the industry. The amount they have put back into this property is phenomenal, soils have responded unbelievably.

As we are both not local to Jerangle it took some time getting use to farming this unique area. We contend daily with the changing weather patterns and mother nature has surely knocked us into line at times. Our intensive farming style is not often seen in this region so it’s been a pleasure to work alongside local produce stores, agronomist and contractors to achieve what many thought was the impossible. Examples could be writing about the rehabilitation of old, run down stations (bringing them back to their former glory) or writing about producing quality beef.

We have always thrived on a challenge and find no great satisfaction then to have a property presented outstandingly and producing quality stock. Clear Hills native pastures were of poor quality and the years of neglect resulted in an invasion of serrated tussock.

It’s exciting for us to have the opportunity to have access to outstanding genetics and produce quality cattle. Our focus at Clear Hills has been producing quality. We’ve worked relentlessly the last two years and the results speak for themselves. Clear Hills is very close to being as good as it’s ever been.

Clear Hills is run solely by Jason & Ciara. In busy periods such as sowing they have the assistance of local contractors. Clear Hills currently is running 600 head of cattle. Running a joining operation of angus heifers with premium Kuro Kin Wagyu bulls while also fattening weaners growing 354ha of rape & wheat crop.

Clear Hills in its glory days supplied steers to a chain of butcher shops in Canberra in the 1960's -70's. The original homestead still standing on the property was used as a film set for the classic Australian 1979 film, My Brilliant Career. New infrastructure includes new 300 head cattle yards & stock water system.


Manager - Oak Park

Nev was raised on a mixed farming operation in South-West Queensland and completed a Diploma of Agribusiness at the Marcus Oldham Farm Management College in Geelong, Victoria. Nev and Marie Kelly have three boys and manage the 70,000ha grazing property ‘Oak Park’, 50 km North-West of Charleville in Queensland, on the Ward River.

They’ve been involved in the agricultural industry for many years in a variety of key management roles working with sheep, cattle and cropping that have included Pooginook in the Riverina, NSW, Noorama Station in the Cunnamulla District, QLD and Glenrowan Aggregation at Gunnedah, NSW.  Joining the AAAW team is an exciting opportunity to work for a progressive company that is focused on investing in their portfolio of properties so they can reach their full production and marketing capabilities.


Manager - Glenrock Station

I am 33 years old and married to Erica, we have 3 children Riley 5, Roy 2 and Evie 1. I grew up not far from Glenrock on the family farm “Innesfail.” Like our children, Erica & I had a very keen interest in farming from an early age and took every opportunity we could to be involved and were always supported and encouraged by our families. My primary school education was at Ellerston (where Riley now goes) I then went to Farrer Memorial Agricultural Highschool and then went onto Longreach Agricultural College.

I have been involved in the beef industry all my life. I have worked in Agriculture on all levels. I had an invaluable opportunity at a young age to manage a Beef and Prime Lamb operation for Riverview Wallah & Co in which working for a board of industry leaders gave me the broad experience and knowledge of modern farming practices a manager needs today. The industry is moving forward fast with technology and these are exciting times.

My Family has history with Glenrock in which 3870 acres on Goggs Top was owned by my Great Grandfathers brother William Mitchell between 1901-1912.

Lifting stocking numbers, producing a high-quality product and utilising Glenrock to its full potential is the Glenrock’s team highest priority. Whilst emphasis is on production, as a manager I also have a commitment to look after the land and environment, using sustainable agriculture practices.The talent and dedication from the team is going to see these goals achieved.

Joining AAAW was an opportunity to be a part of a modern, progressive company and to lead a team that will return the iconic Glenrock Station back to its former glory. We have a versatile team of 9 staff members which is led by Overseer Chris Bagnall (which I worked alongside for 3 years at Ellerston pastoral company).


Manager - Kuro Kin Wagyu

My name is Stephen Sinderberry. I am 27 years old and I married Lauren in March this year in our beautiful garden at Kuro Kin. I am the manager at Kuro Kin and Lauren is a High School Agriculture teacher at Scone High School.

I grew up at Rouchel, a small community near Scone and Lauren grew up in Merriwa, quite close to where we now live at Kuro Kin. I attended the small Rouchel public school for my primary education and then Scone High School for remainder of my schooling. Lauren and I have both been passionate about agriculture from a young age and now share a passion for breeding and producing high quality beef cattle for AAAW.

I was born and bred into the beef industry, being brought up on our family owned and operated beef property at Rouchel. When I left school at age 15 I worked on the farm crew at Darley Horse Stud before going to Rosewood Station in the Northern Territory for a season.

I then returned home to Rouchel were I conducted my own contracting business in the local area. In 2012, I began working for Scone Pastoral Company on their property North of Scone which was an Angus cattle operation, breeding and growing out Angus steers and some F1 Wagyu cattle.

These experiences have expanded my knowledge of the beef industry and further fuelled my passion for producing high-quality beef cattle. The prospect of chasing desired genetics and producing top quality bulls for the other AAAW properties is a very exciting and challenging venture for me. 

Working for AAAW has provided me with the opportunity to take a step up the management ladder and further my skill set. 

It has also given me the opportunity to work with some fantastic new technology and learn from some very experienced and knowledgeable people within the company.

Kuro Kin is made up of 8500 acres of land, comprising of both native and improved pastures. Kuro Kin plays an essential role in the overall production of the AAAW properties by being the breeding hub of Full Blood Wagyu cattle.

At Kuro Kin Wagyu we are currently running one of the world's highest quality Fullblood and F1 Wagyu herds in the world.

There are 3 staff members working at Kuro Kin including myself. I am very excited about the future of Kuro Kin and to be playing a part in building the Wagyu genetics of the Kuro Kin stud, to become one of the highest quality Wagyu in the world.


Manager - Brindley Park

My Name is Raymond James Osborne and I am turning 40 years old in August 2017. I have been married for 5 ½ years to Blair and have two Children, a son Quill who is 5 and a daughter Wren who is 3. I originated from Moree in North West New South Wales, and have been involved with the agriculture industry even while doing my schooling.

The farm I was raised on predominantly produced Charolais beef cattle. There was a transition into an Angus X Charolais which went into the farms feedlot to supply the Woolworths supermarket trade which was my initial introduction to the cattle industry. Moving through the North-western regions in NSW I experienced different beef cattle enterprises. Most where grass fed and sold as fat cattle through the local sale yards.

I also gained experience in a privately-owned feedlot, which grew their own cattle for the feedlot but also opportunity bought cattle to fatten. Markets from this feedlot depended on weight range. Experience varied from 60-day grain fed cattle to satisfy a supply grid to supermarkets to 100+ day certified grain fed animals to supply restaurants.

My most recent experience over the last 8 years has involved crop production on the Liverpool plains in NSW. Regarded as some of the most fertile land in Australia, I have been involved in some of the most recent technologies available to crop production. This included moisture probes in irrigation fields to yield mapping information in recent model headers.

The position on Brindley park involves knowledge of cropping, beef cattle and irrigation which my involvement in agriculture has provided me with. AAAW is striving to not only reach maximum production on the available land, but also to try and find strategies to go beyond the figures that previously were thought to be unachievable. 

A recent study of mine on a cropping property discovered through yield mapping that up to 10% of paddocks were running at a loss. The overall paddock yielded a positive income so these areas of unproductive land were not micromanaged. I Joined AAAW due to their optimistic views on maximum production goals and pushing the boundaries of production.

Brindley Park comprises of 2002 hectares, and within the company is an important part of the overall supply chain. Brindley Park will be responsible for backgrounding weaner cattle supplied from other properties owned within the company. 

Tasmanian Fruit Operations Team

Brent McClintock
Glen Wilde
Janelle Norris
Michelle Caisley

Brent McClintock

Manager - Calthorpe Orchard

Coming Soon Brent

Coming Soon Brent

Coming Soon Brent

Glen Wilde

Manager - Millers Orchard

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Janelle Norris

Fruit Operations - Supply Chain Analyst

Michelle Caisley

Manager - Coal Valley Restaurant, Vinyard and Cellar Door